Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday in Wyoming -- October 7, 2015

The Lincoln Monument -- Part 1

Many travelers on Interstate 80 in Wyoming look forward to the road's summit just east of Laramie and the view of the Lincoln monument, so you can imagine how disappointed they were for a two-week period when the pedestal was empty.  Staff at the visitors' center said they had as many as forty inquiries a day about the missing statue.

Why was Lincoln gone? 
If you look at this picture taken several years before the restoration, you'll see that the statue is almost black.  That's the result of more than twenty years of oxidation and pollution.  WYDOT knew the deteroriation couldn't be allowed to continue, and so they contracted with Eagle Bronze in Lander to restore it to its original beauty.

Here's another view of the pre-restoration statue.

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