Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday in Wyoming -- October 14, 2015

The Lincoln Monument -- Part 2

Remember how dark the Lincoln monument was prior to its restoration?  Here it is inside the monument building at Eagle Bronze with the sandblasting almost finished.  Actually, sandblasting is a misnomer.  Instead of sand, special glass pellets were used to remove the oxidation from the statue.

Once that was finished, several coats of sealer were applied, followed by a special coating to protect it from UV rays.

You can see just how tall Lincoln is -- 13 1/2 feet -- by comparing the top of his head with the ladder.  It's a large statue!

And, yes, his bowtie is crooked.  Apparently many representations of Abraham Lincoln, including the engraving on the five dollar bill, show him with a crooked tie, so Robert Isaiah Russin, the artist chosen to create this statue, continued the tradition.

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