Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday in Wyoming -- October 28, 2015

The Lincoln Monument -- Part 4

Once the pedestal was ready for Lincoln,the next step was for the crane operators to secure straps around him.  I hadn't expected them to go around his neck, but as you can see, that's exactly where they were positioned.  And then it was time to go airborne.

You've heard of picture perfect weather.  That's what we had that day.

To my surprise, there was a lot of work -- hours worth -- after the bust was finally in place on the pedestal.

The same crew that had prepared the pedestal had to get it into exactly the right place, then secure it to the base.

Although that's not what's happening, this picture looks almost as if one of the workmen was trying to straighten Lincoln's tie.

Even after the straps were removed and the crane was able to leave, work continued, securing the monument to its base.  But eventually everything was completed, and the newly restored Lincoln monument was ready to greet travelers for many more years.

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