Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Wednesday in Wyoming - September 29, 2021


Cheyenne Botanic Gardens art display
As if beautiful plants, flowers, and the occasional turtle or fish weren't enough, the Grand Conservatory of the Botanic Gardens also features local artists' work.

These whimsical pieces were created by Tara Pappas and made at least one visitor - namely me - smile.

The art displays, which include an annual Glass Art Show, are showcased on the second floor of the conservatory against the backdrop of the main conservatory, and many of the pieces are available for purchase. In addition to original art, prints are sometimes available in the gift shop, the Tilted Tulip.

I hope this month's posts have shown you that the appeal of Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is multi-faceted, making it a place to visit throughout the year.

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