Friday, January 25, 2019

Meet the People of Cimarron Creek

While we're waiting for A Tender Hope to be released, I thought you might enjoy connecting (or reconnecting) with some of the people who make Cimarron Creek their home. (Many thanks to Kathy F, who reminded me that not everyone has seen my posts on other blogs and that it would be a good idea to compile a list of the most interesting ones.)

We'll start at the beginning, with A Stolen Heart.
A Stolen Heart cover art

You probably remember that the hero is Travis Whitfield, the town's sheriff, but you might not be aware of the reasons why he agreed to take that position. After all, he was already busy as the town's only attorney, and although Whitfields were raised to serve the town, surely that was enough.

But it wasn't, as I discuss on Chirp and Chatter.

Then there's Aunt Bertha, the town's matriarch and one of my favorite secondary characters. She's a feisty woman, as you'll see from this conversation on Welcome to Jenn's World.

A Borrowed Dream cover art
If you've read A Borrowed Dream, you know that Catherine Whitfield's life hasn't been an easy one and that her path toward happily-ever-after takes more turns than she'd ever expected. Here's a bit of her story told in her own words on Stitches Thru Time.

We wouldn't want to neglect Austin Goddard, would we? After all, he's the hero, and he deserves his own interview. You'll find that on Novel PASTimes.

And, for a different look at both Catherine and Austin, click over to Relz Reviews for a character spotlight.

Tired of reading? I hope not, because I have one more post to share with yoiu, this one about the influence that families have on both Catherine and Austin. You'll find this one on Takeover Tuesday

I hope you enjoyed these interviews and that you're almost as excited about the upcoming release of A Tender Hope as I am.

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