Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Wednesday in Wyoming - July 1, 2020

Where was this picture taken? I imagine you've already guessed that it's Yellowstone, since the brilliant colors and the bubbling spring are giveaways.

Since many of us are not traveling as much this year as we have in the past, I thought I'd devote my July Wednesday in Wyoming posts to a virtual tour (translation: five pictures) of my favorite place on Earth. (Yellowstone is also one of the reasons my husband and I moved to Wyoming, but that's another story.)

Back to this picture. Does the bubbling water make you think you should dip your hand into it? You shouldn't, of course, since it's scalding hot and smells of sulfur, but that's the beauty of a photograph - none of that is obvious.


  1. I was there once, when I was 12. That's 53 years ago now. My brother and I were so excited to see Old Faithful.

  2. Isn't Old Faithful simply amazing?