Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wednesday in Wyoming - November 13, 2019

Fort Laramie sutler's store, etc.
One of the major stops on the Oregon Trail was Fort Laramie. It was here that pioneers could purchase supplies for the next part of the journey -- the most challenging part, because it involved mountains. They could also have their wagons repaired, do laundry, and -- perhaps most importantly -- rest for a day or two before continuing.

The picture above shows modern day Fort Laramie, with a number of restored buildings, including the sutler's store, which is the one-story building on the far right. It was here that pioneers would shop for whatever they needed.

Fort Laramie Sutler's Store
As you can see, the interior of the sutler's store was filled with goods that pioneers as well as soldiers might need. Everything from saddles to teakettles to blankets and, of course, food, could be purchased here.

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