Monday, November 26, 2018

A Few of my Favorite Recipes

Almost Healthy Brownies
If you've read my Texas Crossroads books, you know that I enjoy sharing recipes with readers. Over the years, I've also shared recipes on other authors' blogs.  Kathy F suggested that I assemble all of those links in one place, so here they are.

Are you a chocoholic? I certainly am, which is why I love the Almost Healthy Brownies that you see pictured above.
Almost Healthy Brownies

Here's another chocolate favorite. (If you're not fond of mocha, simply eliminate the coffee.) This easy-to-make and refreshing dessert is one that I recommend for those hot days of summer, but if you live in a hot climate, you might enjoy it now.
Frosty Mocha Freeze

We've reached the time of the year where cranberries are easy to find. If you'd like a dessert that's remarkably easy to make as well as being delicious, I recommend Cranberry Torte.

I buy several bags of cranberries each year and freeze them so I can make this dessert year-round.  Oh, all right, I'll admit that I've been known to have a dozen bags of those tart but healthy fruits in the freezer. That's how much I like this and several other dishes that feature fresh cranberries.
Cranberry Torte

Who doesn't like cheesecake, especially when it's a single-serving size? I've been making these mini-cheesecakes for more years than I'm going to admit, but they've never lost their appeal.
Mini Cheesecakes

And, lest you think I eat only dessert, here's a main course recipe to round out today's post.

If you're looking for a cold main dish, you might enjoy my Summer Pasta Salad. I find the pinkish color as refreshing as the salad itself and have been known to take it to potluck meals even in the midst of winter.
Summer Pasta Salad

Bon appetit!


  1. Yum, you’ve hit all my favs. And I can’t wait to try the pasta salad, I’ve been wanting a good recipe. Thanks.

    1. I took the pasta salad to the FRCFW potluck two years ago, and it was a big hit, even though it was COLD that day.