Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday in Wyoming -- November 16, 2016

Who would have thought that a wrong turn would lead to this?  I've been to Chugwater before, but thanks to a new navigation system that kept trying to send me to a town I'd deliberately bypassed, I discovered this little gem.

Yes, it's a mural.  I'm always intrigued by the paintings various towns use to decorate the sides of otherwise ordinary buildings.  This one in Chugwater impressed me with the way the artists incorporated the light pole into the picture, partially camouflaging it as part of the windmill.

You can see that it was more difficult to hide the electrical box and wires, but it's still an interesting mural and a great way to celebrate the town and its history.

What's missing is the town's current claim to fame -- Chugwater Chili.  There's even an annual chili cookoff in June.  If you're ever in the area then, you might want to see which variety of chili you find the best.

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