Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday in Wyoming -- May 4, 2016

A fan and rubber gloves -- these are some of the tools of the trade.  But what trade would that be?  The answer is bronze casting.

You may remember that I celebrated the restoration of the Abraham Lincoln monument at the summit of Interstate 80 last fall.  As part of researching the restoration effort, I had the opportunity to visit Eagle Bronze in Lander, Wyoming.  Eagle Bronze is the company that did the restoration work -- everything from removing the statue from its pedestal to "sandblasting" it with minuscule ceramic pellets to remove the effect of decades of pollution to hoisting it back in place.

A tour of the facility showed me that while restoring Lincoln was one of their major projects for 2015, it was far from the only work they do.  The whole bronze casting process fascinated me, so I decided to share highlights with you.

Please join me over the next several weeks as we learn how bronze statues are made.

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