Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday in Wyoming -- March 6, 2013

I'm trying something different in March, namely having a focus for my Wednesday in Wyoming posts.  This month's posts will all be about interesting sculptures from around the state. 

Today I'm featuring a bison a found in Lander.  Some of you may recall that Lander is the home of Lander Lil, Wyoming's answer to Punxautawney (or however that's spelled) Phil.  Each Ground Hog Day, Lil -- which just happens to be a statue of a prairie dog, not a live ground hog -- determines whether or not spring will be early.  This year she was confused, and we didn't get an official prediction.

But, even though Lil may be Lander's most famous statue, she's not the only one in town.  I was intrigued by this bison because of his size and the fact that his fur resembles chain mail. 

Bison, as you'll see from other posts, are common in Wyoming.  Not only is the bison the official state large mammal, but it's the centerpiece of the state flag.  So, let's welcome Lander's bison statue to Wednesday in Wyoming.

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