Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday in Wyoming -- August 29, 2012

Railroads were a key force in developing Wyoming and were responsible for the settlement of a number of cities, including Cheyenne.  If you go to Douglas, not only can you learn more about trains at the Railroad Interpretive Museum, but as a bonus, you get to see the town's most famous resident, the jackalope.  The museum has a number of different types of train cars, everything from engines to dining cars and sleepers, and they're all open to the public.


  1. My kids love trains...we'll have to stop the next time we head that way! Thanks, Amanda.

  2. Yes. Very interesting. I believe Seattle and Tacoma duked it out for years over who would get a transcontinental rail connection.

  3. Cynthia -- We had fun, touring the train cars and imagining what it was like to travel, eat and sleep in one. Another place you might consider if your kids are train fans is the Depot Museum in Cheyenne. It's a more typical museum with pictures and exhibits than the hands-on trains in Douglas, but it would be better on a cold day.

    Dena -- I hadn't heard the story of Seattle and Tacoma's battle. Who won? And is that why the airport is located between them? There just might be a story in that ...