Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday in Wyoming -- December 24, 2014

Can you guess the era when trees like this were popular?  I wouldn't have known without the explanatory signage.  It turns out that this tree is from the nineteen forties.  Because America was at war then, many trees were patriotic, with red, white and blue as their predominant colors.  And stars were popular shapes for ornaments, reminding those at home of the men and women who were serving in the armed forces.

What I found particularly interesting were the lights.  I've never seen metal skirts (for want of a better term) for them.  Have you?

However your tree is decorated, I hope that your Christmas is a joyous one and one filled with the celebration of the true reason for the season.


  1. My grandmother's tree had lights like that growing up. I always loved them because nobody else I knew had lights like those. Thanks for sharing

    1. Cassie -- I was so intrigued by the lights that I just had to include them. I'm glad you've seen them and have happy memories of them. They're beautiful!

      As I look at them, I wonder if they're a carry-over from the time of real candles. It would make sense to have bobeches under the candles to keep the wax from dripping on the tree.