Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who Reads Amanda Cabot's Books? -- Candace Winegar Does

I hope you've been enjoying the monthly posts about readers, because I've been having a lot of fun, learning more about some of my readers.  As I had expected when I began the "who reads?" feature, each reader's story is different. 

Today it's my pleasure to introduce Candace Winegar, who's not only an avid reader but also an author of Christian fiction. 

When I asked Candace where she lives, here's what she told me:  "I live in Ohio, where it snows, rains and the sun shines!" That comment alone told me about her.

Now, to learn more:

What was the first of my books that you read?
     Paper Roses

How did you discover that book?
     Paper Roses was a free eBook download one day and it sounded SO good I just had to download and read it. Which of course, it got me hooked!
I'm delighted that the giveaway worked.  I know I've discovered several authors, thanks to free e-books. 

If you have a favorite Cabot book, which one is it?  (And why is it your favorite,  if you'd like to share that with others?)
I actually like all the Amanda Cabot books. The Texas Dream Series has been my favorite. I loved reading about all the different people in the town and what happened to them! Plus, the west, Texas, and times of years gone by is my favorite reading material.
I'm so glad you enjoyed the Texas books.  As it turns out, once I finish the Westward Winds series, I'll be returning to the Texas Hill Country for another trilogy.  It's such a beautiful part of the country!

Who are your other favorite authors?
Tracie Peterson and Lorna Seilstad are my favorite authors in the historical Christian fiction category. Jane Austen and Laura Ingalls Wilder are favorites too!
What a great seleection of authors!  I enjoy them all, too.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not reading?
I enjoy teaching (since I am a teacher). I also volunteer as a 4H advisor in my county, teach Sunday school, write, scrapbook, and garden.
It sounds as if you have every minute filled.  What fun!

Is there any other information about your life that you'd like to share with other readers?
I self publish books, historical Christian fiction through Because of my love of reading, researching, and history, I decided to put my thoughts to paper and produce my very own books. Getting my first book in the mail was exciting, and every book I publish I think I get even more excited!!! If you are interested in reading my books, check out my website

I agree with Candace that there's nothing quite like holding the first copy of your book.  The only thing that beats that is hearing from readers, so if you have a chance to read one of Candace's stories, I hope you'll send her an email, letting her know what you liked best about it.


  1. Our library readers love Amanda Cabot's books. We have them all in our Church Library.
    Check it out when you get a chance.
    Janet E.

  2. Janet -- Naturally I smiled at your comment, and I did check out your library. Great web site!