Friday, February 15, 2013

Who Reads Amanda Cabot's Books? -- Martha Long Does

It's the middle of the month, and that means it's time for me to spotlight another of my readers.  I'm delighted to welcome Martha Long from Marietta, Georgia.  Can't you tell just from looking at her picture that Martha's going to have an interesting story to share with us?  Let's get started with the basics, then go on to the fun facts.

Which was the first of my books that you read?
     Paper Roses
I'm so glad that you started with my first book.  Even though I've designed them to be read in any order, it's more fun -- at least I think it is -- to read a series in order.

How did you discover that book?
     I found it at Barnes & Noble.
It's good to know that people are still shopping in brick and mortar stores.  I'm curious as to whether a bookseller recommended it or whether the cover attracted you.

If you have a favorite Cabot book, which one is it?  (And why is it your favorite, if you'd like to share that with others?)
     Christmas Roses and the journey by Mark to find his father.
Now I know why you're holding a copy of that book.
     I had a birth father I never met.  Some years later I found out he had died. 
Oh, Martha, my heart aches for you.  And I can certainly understand why this particular book touched your heart.

Who are your other favorite authors?
     God, of course.  I don't mean to be flip, but He wrote a wonderful book to live by.  I usually pick a book that I might like, but I don't pay much attention to authors' names.
Knowing that, I'm doubly flattered that you remember my name and continue to read my books.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not reading?
     Painting, wood working, making things, working on my computer, gardening, playing with my dogs -- Simon and Ernie.
You must have an incredible amount of energy, not to mention two adorable dogs.  And, readers, I can tell you that in addition to the things Martha has listed, she's the Queen of SmileBoxes.  She's sent me a number of them, and each one is more creative than the previous one.

Is there any other information about your life that you'd like to share with other readers?
     I was born in Asheville, North Carolina and hope to return there one day.
It's a beautiful place, but so is Marietta. 

     I am 72, but some "younger" people guess my age in the 50s.  They are just too young to think anyone would live to be 72 and still be walking.
I wouldn't have guessed your age, either.  It must be all the things you do that keep you looking so  young.

     I have been married for 40 years and have two step-children, all grown, one grandchild, and one son with my husband, grown and married.  My husband is one of seven brothers, and we have a huge Christmas party for his family, and they keep coming and coming.  Two children were adopted from China.
In an era where families drift apart, it sounds as if yours is one that understands just how important families are. 

     I'm a survivor of breast cancer -- ten years cured.  I would say that I've had "A Wonderful Life."
So would I.  Thanks, Martha, for sharing your life with us.  I'm so glad you found my books when you did.

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  1. Martha seems like a lovely lady. Aren't you glad you have such wonderful readers?