Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday in Wyoming -- January 9, 2013

For me, the primary attractions of the Historic Trails Museum in Casper are the interactive exhibits, because they give visitors a chance to experience at least a bit of what the pioneers did on their journey west.  To see what it was like to cross the Platte River in a covered wagon, we climbed into this wagon, sat on kegs and bounced our way across the river.  Of course, there was no real river.  Instead, we were watching a movie.  What I found fascinating was the length to which the museum went to ensure authenticity.  The modern river is deeper than it was when the pioneers crossed, so the film makers had the flow of water reduced during the time they were making the movie.

How many museums have you visited that pay that much attention to detail?

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  1. Amanda, how interesting. Now we must visit the museum. :) New Years blessings!