Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday in Wyoming -- September 19, 2012

"Where the deer and the antelope play."  Every time I think about "Home on the Range," that's the line that lingers in my mind, probably because we have so  many antelope, or -- as they're more commonly called -- pronghorns, in Wyoming.  One of the things that impressed me about Wyoming on my first trips here was that there seemed to be at least as many pronghorns as people.  It's still true -- about half a million of each. 

Now, for some pronghorn trivial. 
  • They're the fastest land animals in North America, reaching speeds of 60 mph. 
  • Although they can run for long distances, they're challenged by fences.  I find it distressing to see pictures of them, caught up in barbed wire as they attempt their seasonal migration.
  • Both male and female of the species have horns.
  • While a herd is grazing, one pronghorn remains alert, serving as a sentinel.

That may be more than you wanted to know.  From my view, perhaps their most important characteristic is that they're beautiful animals.

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