Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday in Wyoming -- July 9, 2014

This month is Cheyenne Frontier Days, better known locally as CFD.  It's the world's largest outdoor rodeo and one that has won numerous awards.  It's also THE big event of the year in Cheyenne, when the city puts on what feels like a party for residents, contestants and visitors.

This year I thought I'd show you some "behind the scenes" pictures of things you might not have thought about.

Let's start with how all those cattle that are involved in the rodeo get into the arena.  They're kept in pens near the arena, and then there's a cattle drive.  That's what you see in both pictures.

I've decided I want the job of the cowboy in the foreground.  Supervising looks like a lot easier job than actually herding cattle, but is it more fun?  What do you think?

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